Unicorn Horn Lacing Craft

Lacing Crafts are great for helping little hands build motor skill.   And this adorable unicorn Lacing Pattern is such a hit!   The best part is… it can be a simple or as difficult as you’d like to make it.  

In the demonstration below, we’ve included some more advanced techniques for lacing your unicorn in really creative ways.  But remember that you could simple cut out the pattern and let little hands go to work to come up with their own design!


Preschool Unicorn Lacing Pattern Instructions

Start by folding your paper plate in half and then drawing this simple pattern on one side. If you would prefer, you can grab the printable pattern HERE.Next, Cut out the pattern and punch holes in a line around the earn and up the horn. *Do not unfold the pattern until after holes are punched.  

Now unfold the pattern and lace a piece of the yarn through the bottom whole on the unicorn horn.  Using a piece of tape to hold it in place.This is where you will need to decide how creative you want to allow your students to get.  In this example, we’ve laced the yarn through the whole on the left side three while only lacing on the right side once or twice.  This creates a slanted effect on the horn.

Next, using another color (pink seems to make the best sense), have the children lace each ear.In our example, we’ve done a crisscross pattern and then outlined the ear,

For the simplest version of this craft, stop here.

Adding Pom-Poms to your unicorn lacing craft

First, Tape 2 pencils and a piece of string together. Note that using a contrasting string color will make the tying and cutting step (next) easier.

Now wrap a constrating string color around the taped pencils and string about 15 -20 times.Next untape the original string and tie it around the bundle tightly. be sure to leave some excess string for tying the pom-poms to your pattern.

Carefully remove the string bundle from the pencils.  If needed, tighten the knot.Cut along the fold of the yarn bundle.  Trim the pom-pom is necessary.Repeat this a second time.

For the larger center pom-pom, you’ll repeat the same process, using twice as much string (we used two colors), and your fingers in place of the pencils.  

This will create a thicker, fluffier pom-pom.

Use your hole punch to punch 3 sets of 2 holes (6 total)  along the bottom edge of your unicorn horn.  Now, using the excess string from above, tye your pom poms to your unicorn horn.

You’re Done!   Enjoy!

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