Salt Tray Name Practice

This simple salt tray tracing in not only easy simple but it’s great handwriting practice for your preschooler!


Table Salt (at least 1 cup) Wooden Tray or Cookie PanStylus (You could also use the eraser side of a pencil)Typed or Handwritten name for copying (optional)


Before we got started, I printed out my son’s name in order for him to have something to “copy” from. He didn’t need it! In fact, he wrote in proper case and I had given him all uppercase (my mistake!)

I also laid down a piece of poster board under the tray for easy clean-up. You could use newspaper or even wrapping Paper.

Pour Salt into the Pan and let your child work

Have your child copy their name into the salt. They can also draw lines, waves, or pictures in the salt.

My Daughter thought it looked like tons of fun so she got in on the action and we caught a quick recording! It’s so easy to give it a quick shake if you mess up! Pour Salt into the Pan and let your child work

We also tried it using a cookie sheet and it worked just as well. It was slightly harder to shake but a lot easier to write on!

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