Easy No-Prep Easter Packet

Easter is one of those weeks.  The kids are excited… They are beginning to get antsy. They are tired of each other, tired of the classroom, tired of the toys, And they are ready to do something fun.And let’s be honest, so are you.   Every once in a while, it’s okay to grab a No-Prep Packet, and let this kids do some simple review!   As a kid, my personal favorite were always the “Which one is Different” worksheets like the one below.I always felt super smart and proud of myself when I figured it out. Looking back now, I realize I wasn’t as impressive as I thought I was. Lol.

Same and Diffierent Preschool Worksheet

This worksheet is one out of 20 in our  New No-Prep Easter Pack.  ‚Äč

Preschool No Prep Easter Packet Cover features three pages and a large bunny

This pack includes

  • 2 Counting Objects 1-5 worksheet
  • 1 Counting Object 1-10 Worksheet1 Spot the Different Bunny worksheet
  • 1 Alphabetical order/Letter sequencing Worksheet
  • 1 Egg Hunt, Letter E worksheet
  • 1 Which one has more Worksheet
  • 1 Matching (Which is the same) worksheet
  • 6 Upper and lowercase matching worksheets3 Pre-writing Worksheets
  • 1 Color by Color word Worksheet
  • 2 Easter Bunny Coloring PagesYou can grab a Copy of this pack HERE

Free Cute Easter Coloring Sheet

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