Distance learning resources for early learners

Websites for Distance learning in Preschool and Kinder 

Purple Mash
This site is intended for kids ages 3-11 it offers a MASH-UP of educational resources with everything from art and animations to math and coding.

ABC Mouse
This site is intended for children ages 2-8 and it offers reading, math, science, arts and colors. This nice thing about this app is that if leads your child through their education by having them move through levels to increase their skills!

Reading Eggs
This site is intended for children ages 3+ and is by far one of my favorites. In addition to games, reading eggs offers “lessons” which your kids can work through each day to increase their skill level.

Printable Distance Learning Packets for Preschool and Kindergarten

As we are preparing to spend the next weeks (or months) doing at home learning, we think it’s important not to let preschool get left out of the mix. #inthistogether #distancelearning

This is a growing list of the best resources for preschool distance learning.  If you offer an item that you think should be included… please contact me at jodi@earlylearningsource.com

At home activities for young children using common household items FREEBIE

When you’re stuck at home for any reason, it can be difficult to come up with ideas to keep your preschooler, kindergarten, or other young children busy. This one page freebie is a list of activities that involve items you probably already have in your house. Great for parents to not feel as overwhelmed when they get trapped in the house.

NO Prep – Easter worksheet Packet by Early Learning Source | TpT

This is a simple PRINT AND GO pack, containing 20 worksheets that are perfect for your preschooler.  Easter themed and appropriate for the season! This is a NO PREP pack.

It’s ideal for Letter Recognition, Counting, Coloring and other concepts like greater than/less than, and Same/Different


Printable Early Learners Binder

This 196-page Early Learners binder is so much more than just worksheets. It’s lifelong memories made laughing together with the bonus of learning.  It includes an activity Tracker, Daily planner shopping list, supply budget, supply inventory, Fine Motor skills worksheets, cut and match puzzles. Alphabet find and cover sheets, Cut and Paste beginners sodoku, ABC Handwriting Practice,

Kindergarten Learning Packet for School Closures by Positively Purposeful Play

This pack is designed for kindergarteners who will be out of school for an extended period. All activities are designed to require no technology, internet, or additional supplies. You will only need this packet, crayons, and a pencil. You will also find many activities will not require lengthy worksheets to be completed.


This pack is designed for early learners who need special educational materials and can be used with or without printing!  These simple, non-distracting worksheets include activities & tools for literacy/alphabet identification, activities & tools for math/counting 1-10 & 1-20,  activities & tools for math/color/shape identification and sorting, activities & tools for sorting by categories

Reading Response Sheets k-2 by Rachel Resto from Miss Kindergarten Fix

This pack is perfect for late kindergarten literacy work and can work along with the Epic app. Focus on setting, characters, problems, and solutions for all 4 of your favorite books. Non fiction response sheets included too.Children can use it independently to show work for a listening station or when using the EPIC App.

Distance Learning – Basic Skills Matching by Adapting Outside The Box

This packet includes a LARGE amount of materials for preschool and kindergarten readiness.  It’s a simple design that’s easy for parents to use. It includes Simple Cut & Paste MatchingNumbers 1-1, Color Matching, Shape Matching, Uppercase & Lowercase Letter Matching, Days of the Week, Matching, Months of the Year Matching.

Picture Writing Prompts for Spring | NO PREP Writing | Distance Learning

In this download you receive 10 picture writing prompts with a spring theme. Each of the 10 picture prompts is provided on a page with primary lines and standard single lines. This makes it perfect for your beginning writers and those that are more advanced. I have also included a full page of writing lines (primary and standard) for those budding authors that have lots to say!

No Prep Errorless Worksheets- Just Print and Go

All the worksheets included are cut and paste worksheets with a simple layout to avoid overstimulation. Includes, Number Matching 0 – 10, Blank Number Matching Page, Uppercase Letter Matching,  Lowercase Letter Matching, Blank Letter Matching Page, Color Matching, Blank Color Page, Shapes, Blank Shape Page, Bonus Just For Fun worksheets

Home Learning Packet of Activities, Projects, & Games for Pre-K through 6th Grade

This book contains a collection of math and literacy worksheets intended to be used with Kindergarten students at home. Included is a week’s worth of activities.
Worksheets included in this packet: Daily Literacy for 5 days,. Daily Math for 5 days, Daily Reading for 5 days (sight words and decodable words), Daily Writing for 5 Days, AB Word family focus: different worksheets for each day, Math focus: different worksheets for each day (missing numbers to 50, ten frame number match, greatest than, less than, equal to, label the 2D shapes, subtraction with pictures), Coloring pages

FONT – Nilam Tracing ABC – Free for Personal Us

This tracing font is the perfect way to personalize your child’s handwriting.  You can use this font to create your child’s name for practice or just for simple Letter tracing activities.   For a long term plan, laminate this item and allow your child to use a dry erase marker

Distance Learning – April Fools’ Day Classroom Fun by Adapting Outside The Box

Play a fun April Fools’ day joke on your students by using one of these fun unsolvable worksheets! What’s Included   Cut & paste picture matching worksheet (unsolvable),Connect the matching pictures by drawing a line (unsolvable), Hidden Picture Worksheet (unsolvable) Joke page with cut and paste answers

Boom Learning Reading Comprehension Distance Learning

This product contains 3 short Reading Comprehension stories with 3 questions each. Students read the short story and answer the question.

Home Learning Packet of Activities, Projects, & Games for Pre-K trough 6th Grade

Google Slides Agendas Distance Learning

Need a to-do list or daily agendas for your online classroom? These four templates are editable and ready to post in your Google Classroom

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