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  • Mommy, I love you because craft

    This surprising mothers day craft is cute and creative and it packs a punch that will tug at mom’s heart strings for sure!

  • Color Recognition Worksheets for Preschool

    Color recognition is one of those tricky things. Most children come to preschool already able to recognize most colors. But then you hand out a coloring worksheet and end up with an awful lot of blue faces and purple suns. So should we call that creativity or should we help them make the correction? Well……

  • Beginning Sounds Practice: Cut and Paste Worksheets

    Why Beginning sounds are so important for literacy Before a child heads off to school, they should master a few basic literacy skills, including learning beginning sounds. Before letter sounds, children typically need to learn the alphabet. Fortunately, most families have access to so many fantastic resources these days that many children learn are introduced…

  • Salt Tray Name Practice

    This simple salt tray tracing in not only easy simple but it’s great handwriting practice for your preschooler! MATERIALS Table Salt (at least 1 cup) Wooden Tray or Cookie PanStylus (You could also use the eraser side of a pencil)Typed or Handwritten name for copying (optional) PREPARE YOUR AREA Before we got started, I printed…

  • Turtle Egg Carton Preschool Craft

    Egg carton crafts are always a hit for preschool. They are so simple and inexpensive! This adorable Craft would go great with your next turtle lesson! Egg Carton Turtle Craft Materials: Large egg cartonAcrylic Paint (Color of choice)Pom poms for the turtle headsGoogly eyesPipe cleaners for the turtle legs ScissorsUtility knifeHot glue gun (and glue sticks)…

  • Distance learning resources for early learners

    Websites for Distance learning in Preschool and Kinder  Purple MashThis site is intended for kids ages 3-11 it offers a MASH-UP of educational resources with everything from art and animations to math and coding. ABC MouseThis site is intended for children ages 2-8 and it offers reading, math, science, arts and colors. This nice thing…


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